Jawa Production is an audiovisual production firm that relies on digital technologies combining a powerful strategic-medical expertise.


This is a key dimension of all our projects, enabling us to respond to the needs of our clients and provide appropriate answers in production terms. We depend on contextual analyses and on pertinent scientific data.


Depending on the nature of the project, a closer interaction with opinion leaders can be necessary. And this is as true in a formal setting (expert boards) as it is in an informal one, such as the preliminary discussions needed prior to the launch of a project. Once again, full understanding of the medical environment is a pre-requisite.


Even if it’s not at the core of our activities, medical-writing becomes an essential component in those instances where further information is required alongside audiovisual productions (slide development, articles, copy editing…).



Webcast & Webinar

Thanks to our specialized staff and to a network of international partners, we are able to make direct video captures and worldwide transmissions, live or pre-recorded broadcasts, as you prefer. Combining technical expertise and medical management we can easily generate additional and pertinent content instantaneously.

Developing digital broadcasting platforms

We provide the ideas, design, and installation of websites that can accommodate your programs. The same is true for databases or web pages or the implementation of web pages, including a video player on client sites.


Video News releases and interviews

With or without a teleprompter, we work with your opinion leaders to transmit your key messages in a clear and efficient way.

Media coverage of symposia and congresses

According to the client requests and from the perspective of scientific program analysis, a selection of topics is made. A staff composed of a Medical Doctor/Director and a cameraman will take responsibility for the coverage of a medical conference during a few days. Then, different items are offered to add to the client’s website or a partner website: reports with animated slides and one or two interviews, series of questions/answers by experts, poster reviews. The postproduction (final editing) is usually completed back in our Paris studio.

Web Documentary

A new way of script expression including pictures, sound, animated images, texts, video reports… The “webdoc” is perfectly adapted to the presentation of medical cases thanks to its interactive narration. The growth of HTLM5 (that we can find on all digital pads) opens totally new and refreshing perspectives.


Cartoons and mode of action clips

“A picture is worth a thousand words” as the saying goes, and a user friendly style can allow a serious message to get across. And besides, what’s better than well conceived pictures to explain something complex? Made in full 3D (Maya) or in 2D.