After having started out almost 10 years ago in advertizing for Euro RSCG Life, Jean-Philippe Minart, MD created Jawa Production in 2001, which reflected both his longstanding interest in science and his passion for the visual image. JP was guided by the principle that medicine (and more generally science) must be presented to the public in an attractive way and presented to all in a direct and simple fashion. Thus, mastery of content, complemented by a demand for accuracy in production technologies remains of utmost importance to Jawa Prod. During these past few years, Jawa Production has worked with international pharmaceutical companies, foundations and professional societies. 90% of our company’s turnover comes from its international projects. We benefit from a large and solid network of regular advisors and partners, and so, Jawa Prod is able to define its teams to suit the requirements of each new project.


We’re breaking into something new!

Jawa Prod has taken an interest in video players in order to be able to offer a simple, reliable and powerful tool adapted to the requirements of e-learning.

What is the result?

Click on the safe! And for your own sake put on gloves!